Recording Safeguarding Concerns Electronically

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Safeguarding Software and Electronic Recording

Good, up to date record keeping of concerns and action taken is essential for two main reasons.

Firstly, It helps schools identify causes for concern at an early stage. Often it is only when a number of seemingly minor issues are taken as a whole, that a safeguarding or child protection concern becomes clear.

Secondly, It helps schools monitor and manage its safeguarding practices. Furthermore, in any inspection it will be important to provide evidence of robust and effective safeguarding policy and practice.

Now paper was the main tool used in recording your staff safeguarding and child protection concerns. Although you may have robust paper systems in place - times have changed and the number of bits of paper as increased. We live in a world of computers, tablets and mobile technology and use this as part of our day.

Safeguard Software provides a brilliant, highly efficient way for you to track safeguarding and child protection concerns. It does this by creating a time line chronology for every child including things like early help, behaviour incidents and safeguarding concerns. It truly does give you a complete picture of each student.

Recently we had to submit reports from Safeguard to Children’s Social Care. All reports were praised for being concise, in chronological order and formatted so that relevant services could easily see the next steps.

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